Malegra – Generic Sildenafil 100 mg

Sildenafil Citrate from IndiaMalegra 100 mg is a revolutionary impotence medication, which is classified as a PDE 5 inhibitor potent to eliminate the signs of disorder and balance male sexual function. Like other forms of Sildenafil Citrate from India, Malegra launches a powerful influence on the blood circulation. Relaxing muscles of the blood vessels and stimulating an advanced blood flow to the penile area, the medication guarantees the achievement of a hard and durable erection, which will last for over 4-6 hours.

Traditionally, Malegra is administered for the improvement of erectile dysfunction symptoms, but it can also be taken for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Discuss the off-label therapy with your medical specialist in order to achieve maximal effects without complications.

As a generic drug, Malegra is offered mainly online without a prescription. It means the safety of the therapy depends on the patient and his following the instructions and intake directions.

What Are Malegra Tablets?

According to the medical information, Malegra is a PDE 5 inhibitor, which is classified as an erectile dysfunction treatment. Each tablet contains 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate, which is a sufficient dose for considerable sexual function improvement. Malegra is a male treatment only, which is not approved for women or children. Striving to achieve the maximal effects, a patient should take the drug around 45-60 minutes before the desirable intercourse. Sexual stimulation is required for launching positive and powerful Malegra actions. Take the drug strictly in accordance with the safety recommendations and instructions in order to avoid misuse complications and abnormalities.

Is Malegra 100 Safe?

Malegra ingredientsSafety of this erectile dysfunction treatment is not a simple question, as it depends on several factors. First and foremost, following the safety instructions is halfway to the achievement of safe results and flawless course. Make sure you have no contraindications and meet no restrictions for the drug intake.

Malegra is not approved for males under 18 years old. Do not start the therapy in case you are hypersensitive to Sildenafil or other components of the drug. Patients with serious heart, kidney or liver impairments should avoid erectile dysfunction treatment with Malegra. Contact your medical specialist or discuss the dose with an online specialist in case you are diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

  • Blood pressure disorders;
  • Bleeding impairments;
  • Blood pressure complications;
  • Retinitis pigmentosa;
  • Physical penis deformity and others.

Is Malegra the Same As Viagra?

To understand the difference between Malegra and Viagra and realize whether it is present at all, a patient should consider the origin of the first. While Viagra is a time-tested, popular and appreciated erectile dysfunction treatment, Malegra is a comparatively new remedy. However, during a short period of its availability on the pharmaceutical market, it has shown great results, which is a proof of its effectiveness and safety.

Malegra ingredients resemble original Viagra, with Sildenafil Citrate being the active component. Due to such a powerful composition, the effectiveness of Malegra is identical to Viagra. Besides, the treatment is approved for when-needed use and cannot be taken on a regular basis. It takes 45-60 minutes for the drug to promote a positive effect, which will last for over 4-6 hours. Generally, both erectile dysfunction treatments are similar in terms of safety, use, effectiveness, and indications.

Malegra 100mg by Sunrise PharmaThe crucial difference between Viagra and Malegra is the way of production. While Viagra is a brand drug, Malegra is manufactured by a non-brand company. Generic Malegra 100mg by Sunrise Pharma does not presuppose any brand-related expenses, which allows a significant price reduction. Additionally, the generic medication is available without a prescription, so it can be easily ordered online. While Malegra is a powerful erectile dysfunction treatment, it has a considerable drawback for irresponsible customers. Offered without a prescription, the drug can launch serious health abnormalities and adverse reactions. Patients, who do not follow the intake recommendations, are at risk of experiencing life-threatening Malegra side effects.

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